About Us

LandHQ is Sydney’s newest John Deere dealer, and Sydney’s only John Deere Agricultural Machinery dealer.

Located in Penrith, LandHQ provides you with all of the John Deere products you know and love, from John Deere mowers for your home to John Deere commercial & golf mowers, Gator utility vehicles and a huge range of tractors for your business and everything in between.

We are conveniently located at 81 Camden Street at Penrith, and deliver to most parts of Sydney and surrounds. LandHQ also offers the full range of John Deere parts, and have a fully qualified team of service technicians trained in everything John Deere.  Should you need a part, ride-on or zero-turn mower, a tractor or attachment, we are here waiting to help and always have a great range of machines ready to go.

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